Always System

At Brentnall Academy we aim for our children to develop an understanding of the choices that they make. We aim to support our children to make the right choices and understand that wrong choices can have a negative impact on their learning.

In order to achieve this we have a class Always system. We believe that as children move through school there are certain behaviours that become an expectation and therefore will not be included in the class Always rules.

Each classroom will have an Always board. This will be themed and chosen by the children (usually during transition day).

Each board will have 7 steps. All children will start on the first step and have to make 6 jumps before arriving at the final step, which shows that they are an Always child and will receive their Always badge.

Always boards should be reviewed regularly, but at least once a week. Most classes complete this on a Friday morning after Celebration assembly.

When a child reaches the op point on the class Always board they will be sent to the headteacher to receive their Always badge. They should wear this everyday showing everyone around school that they are an Always child.

In order to have consistency across school, only the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher are able to remove badges from children. If an incident happens where a member of staff feels that it warrants the loss of the Always badge this should be discussed with a member of SLT around which of the Always rules have been broken. If it is felt that the badge should be removed then the member of SLT will do so and keep it for a minimum of one week. A child can only move one stage down the Always board when this happens.

In order to earn their badge back the child must then wait until the next review point to show that they have proven they can follow the classes Always rules.

In Foundation Stage, the same system will apply except they will only have 5 stations meaning that the children only have 4 jumps to make in order to receive their Always badge. They will also only have 4 Always rules as it is felt that this is age appropriate for these children.