Caterpillar update

Our five caterpillars have grown much bigger! Soon they will be ten times their original size! They continue to shed their ‘exoskeleton’. This is a hard covering that supports and protects the bodies of some types of animals. The word exoskeleton means “outside skeleton.”



Nursery have had a special delivery of five caterpillars. We are watching them grow. Eventually they will turn into butterflies. We will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Visit to Bertie Bus!


We are reading the book ‘Naughty Bus’ in Nursery. Last week we went on Bertie Bus who is in the big playground. The children had fun  pretending to be the bus driver. We went up to the top deck and could see all the children on the big playground. We had a go of pressing the bell which tells the driver to stop at the next bus stop. We learnt what the different parts of a bus are called, such as wheels, window, top deck, lights. We have also learnt the word ‘passenger’.

Bean plant update

The bean plants have grown even taller!  Kadie said “It’s sooooo bigger!”  If your child has brought one home please plant into a bigger pot so that the plant grows tall and strong.