Visit from a real author!

Early Years were very excited to meet a real author!

Simon Hunt – author of ‘Delilah Rose the Bogey Princess’ – came in to share his book with us.

The children sat beautifully to listen and were entertained and disgusted (by the jar of fake snot) in equal measure!

I wonder how many future authors we have here?

NSPCC Number Day!

Reception had a great day celebrating numbers and maths!

First we had a visit from a minion, then we used our measuring skills to weigh ingredients for biscuit dough.

We made our biscuit into square shapes and added ‘spots’ to make them into dice.


Reception become ‘wormologists!’

Reception have loved making and looking after our wormery whilst reading ‘Yucky Worms.’

First, we had to add layers of sand and soil to the box, then we went on a worm hunt to find some of the friendly garden creatures.

We know what worms eat and even asked the kitchen for some left over broccoli for our worms.

We are great wormologists!