Cycle 1

Welcome to the class page for Reception!

We look forward to welcoming our returning pupils as well as some new faces to our classroom and to our school.

Continuous Provision

This term in Reception we will be mostly learning through play. Our continuous provision allows pupils the chance to apply their learning through practical activities and exciting resources both in and outside the classroom. These resources will regularly change according to the children’s interests and our topics. We now have sports coaches in school who will drop in during continuous provision on Thursdays to play games and team activities outside.


Phonics lessons will take place in small groups every morning. This is where children learn the letter sounds and begin to write letters and short words as well as learning how to tune in to the sounds in words and blending sounds together to make words, which in turn, enables them to begin to read. Parents are encouraged to break down the sounds in words when reading at home with children.


We will have English lessons that focus on the books ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddel and ‘No Dinner’ by Jessica Souhami. During these sessions your children will get the chance to explore the books through group discussions; gathering ideas about predictions, opinions, character role play and will also start to write and draw their ideas.


Maths lessons will be focusing on numbers this term. We will be counting to 20 forwards and backwards, identifying and writing numbers, ordering numbers and finding 1 more and 1 less. These sessions will be practical and fun; giving children the chance to explore numbers through games, songs and problem solving activities.


  • All pupils are expected to be in full school uniform, however, we also ask that all children have a set of spare clothes at school in case of any accidents during the day.
  • We have football training sessions with coaches from Manchester United, boys will take place on Tuesday afternoon and girls on Wednesday mornings. We ask that children have a pair of trainers or pumps to change into for these sessions.
  • Any medical supplies including inhalers, creams or medicine that may need to be administered during school time must be kept at school and a medical form completed to give permission for this.
  • Reading books will be changed every Wednesday, please ensure your child’s book in is their tray ready for this.
  • School lunches can be selected at home by parents/carers in advance of up to 3 weeks. Instructions for this will be sent home on a leaflet, alternatively, you can access the link to this through school’s website.
  • During continuous provision, children have the play outdoors come rain or shine – we have waterproof over clothes for this but please ensure your child has a pair of wellies at school ready for all weathers.

We have an open door policy in the morning to give parents the chance to express any concerns or ask any questions, appointments can also be made if a longer chat is needed. We are so looking forward to working with your children and allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Miss Harrison, Mrs Bagnall and Mrs Wroe.