Cycle 2

Diamond Class (Nursery) 2019-20

Cycle 2

Teacher: Miss Wills

Teaching assistant: Mrs Singh/Mrs Wroe

We have had a very busy and exciting first cycle in Nursery. The teachers have and are continuing to enjoy getting to know the children and helping them to reach their full potential.


We have started to learn the songs for our Christmas Nativity ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. The children are working hard learning the words and the actions for all of the songs. We hope you will join us in December for our performance.

We have started our short focused sessions on the carpet: Phonics, Maths and Communication and Language. The children will also continue to spend lots of time learning in the different areas of the classroom, for example the creative area, reading area and outside.

Phonics: In our phonics sessions the children will be tuning into sounds, listening and remembering sounds and talking about sounds. The sessions are designed to help the children: listen attentively; enlarge their vocabulary; speak confidently to adults and other children; say the sounds they hear, in order, all through the word and use sound-talk to split words into sounds.

Communication and Language: During these sessions the children will be developing their listening and attention skills and enlarging their vocabulary. We will read the books ‘Tanka Tanka Skunk’ and ‘Naughty Bus’.



Maths: During these sessions the children will learn about number and other aspects of Maths through number songs, rhymes and stories. We have started to recognise numbers up to 10.

We will be practising the one-one principle. This involves the children saying one number name for each object that is being counted. We encourage the children to line up objects and touch each one as they count, saying one number name per object.

Parent mornings: Thank you to those parents who have been coming along. It is great to see you taking part in activities with your child. These will continue to take place every other Monday 9.00-9.40am. You will be reminded by text the Friday before. We hope to see lots of you there.



Things to remember:

Cold weather

As Winter approaches please make sure your child brings a warm coat to school plus a hat, scarf and gloves.

Spare Clothes

Please ensure your child has a bag of spare clothes with them in school at all times, including underwear and socks. It is very important that we are able to change your child and make them comfortable if any toileting accidents occur or if they get wet from water play. We explore the outdoors in all weathers so children need to be dressed appropriately.

All children require a pair of wellies in school with their name in them.  The children will really enjoy outdoor water play and accessing the outdoor sandpit.

Snack Money

We ask that the children bring in a voluntary contribution of 50p every week, on a Monday, to contribute towards the cost of providing the children with a range of healthy snacks, such as breadsticks, crackers and toast.

Children must be in correct school uniform at all times. This includes appropriate footwear. Please ensure your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Focus child

We have three focus children per class, per week. During the week we record additional information on paper to be kept in the child’s folder in the classroom. Parents can contribute to this by bringing in or emailing photos to the Early Years email address. Examples of photos might be: a trip to the park, visiting family, swimming lessonsThe photos may be used as prompts for your child to share news with the class. You will receive a letter when your child is selected as the focus child.


Class Dojo

This year we will be using the online reward system called ‘Class Dojo’. Teachers and other adults around school will be encouraging positive behaviours by giving whole class and individual points. Each child will have their own colourful and exciting character, which should encourage them to collect points on a weekly basis.