Cycle 2

Welcome to Reception’s class page for Cycle 2

We had lots of fun in cycle 1 and established our school day routine, now in cycle 2 we will continue to develop our attitude to learning; exploring different books, resources and activities to develop our imaginations and vocabularies in order to extend our capabilities and learning.

Continuous Provision

Learning through play is still the main focus for Reception. Activities that are available for the children to choose during provision time will be based around the book we are learning, the topic we are covering in maths and also the children’s interests. These activities will be practical and will aim to extend the learning that has taken place in lessons. Continuous Provision activities will be updated and changed on a regular basis to ensure the children remain engaged and keen to learn.


Phonics lessons continue to be delivered in small groups. This cycle, we will further explore the blending of sounds to create words with the aim to apply this phonics knowledge in English lessons and writing activities during continuous provision.


English lesson this cycle will be based around two books; ‘Biscuit Bear’ by Mini Grey and ‘I Will Not Ever Eat a Tomato’ by Lauren Child. We will also carry out lots of Christmas based activities as the holiday draws near.


Maths lessons are taught in groups and this cycle we will be exploring lots of 2D and 3D shapes and exploring more measuring concepts. We will keep focusing on numbers, particularly counting and will introduce addition and counting on to find 1 more than a given number.

Christmas Performance

Our Christmas Nativity performance – ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ will take place on Wednesday 18th December and we will be working hard to prepare for this; learning our songs, getting in role and rehearsing our routine.


Books will be changed and as many children as possible will have reading time with the teacher on Wednesdays. Please ensure your children’s book are in school on Wednesdays and we encourage parents to listen to children read their school books at home to further develop their reading skills.

We remind you that now our children are becoming more independent, we ask that you kindly leave them at the reception door in the morning and allow them to hang their own coat up. Miss Harrison will be available at the door for any messages or questions, but if a longer conversation is needed, an appointment can be made to facilitate this.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Harrison, Mrs Bagnall and Mrs Wroe