Cypad Launch – 25th Jan 2019

Dear Parent/ Carer

Important School Meals Information

We are writing to inform you that from 4thFebruary 2019Citywide, our school meal providers, will be introducing CyPad.

CyPad will be accessed from your ParentPay account and it will improve the dinner ordering experience by allowing you and your child to select their school meal up to 3 weeks in advance.

Things you need to know

  • All accounts need to be up to date in order to order a meal. This includes children in Reception, Years 1 and 2who have Universal Free School Meals paid for by the Government, and also any children who are entitled to a Free School Meal.
  • For those parents who pay for their Child’s meal, Nursery,Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, Cypad will not allow you or your child to order a dinner if there are insufficient funds on your account so it is imperative that you maintain a credit balance on the account at all times.

To pre select a meal:

  • Please select your meal no later than 7am for that days meal.
  • Log on to your ParentPay account.
  • Click on the “Make Meal Bookings” under your child who you would like to book the meals for.
  • Please make sure the drop down box is set toLunchtimeand click “Make or View Bookings”.
  • You can then select the meals for your child.
  • Once you have made the selections you must click “Confirm bookings”. In the bottom right corner.

We are able to add your child’s dietary and allergy needs. This will stop you from ordering any food that may contain traces of any foods they should not have. Please read and complete the form overleaf returning to school by Tuesday 29thJanuary 2019.

 If your child is Universal Free School Meals or Free School Meals you will still need to follow through the payment screen, however no payment will be taken from your account.

 Children on Packed Lunch

We are also asking parents whose children usually bring their own packed lunch to sign up too, for those odd occasions that packed lunches are forgotten or you want them to have an ad hoc dinner.

Frequently asked Questions

Q        I don’t have any credit on my account. Will my child still receive a school meal?

A        Unfortunately  we can not provide a school meal unless it has been paid for in advance.  Please make alternative meal arrangements, until you have credit on your account.  Please contact the Office if you are having any difficulties.

Q         What will happen if my child is late or I haven’t selected a meal?

A        Your child will be able to select their meal from their classroom or if registration has closed from the office.

Q        What will happen if my child goes home before lunch and does not take the meal?

A        If the child is not marked as having taken a meal, they will not be charged.

Q        Can my child change their mind change once they arrive at school?

A        We would not normally allow a change of school meal once it has been ordered. If circumstances arise where we need to change their choice the cook can override this at service.

As with all new systems that are put into place there may be teething problems.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

**Please see office for a copy of the slip as we require some information &  a signature is required**