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Friday 3rd July 2020

End of Term Arrangements – Summer 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that all of our children and their families are safe. It has been lovely to welcome back over 40 children over the past few weeks and to those children who have not returned to school this school, we miss you all very much and look forward to seeing you very soon.

I wanted to write to you, ahead of the last couple of weeks of term, to inform you of some of the plans for the end of this term, how we will keep in contact with you over the summer holidays and provide you with some information about the plans we are putting in place for September.

Where are we up to with the wider opening of Brentnall this term?

Since the Government announced its plans on 18th May 2020 to re-open, the staff and governors have worked hard to ensure all of the appropriate measures were in place ahead of our wider opening to more year groups which started on 3rd June. I am pleased to say we have welcomed back children from Reception, Year 1, Year 5, Year 6 and our Resource Provision. The children have worked incredibly hard to ensure our new rules around social distancing and handwashing have been followed and I am sure that they will be fantastic role models when we return in September.

We are now using the majority of classrooms. We have therefore made the decision that no further bubbles will open before the summer holidays which allows us to plan ahead for September. Home learning will continue for children in those children who have not returned to school, and for children in Nursery, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4.

What will Home Learning look like for the final 2 weeks?

For the last 2 weeks of term, there will be a project set for the children. The project is based around a shared theme across the whole school of “Times Like These” and “Me and My Family.”

The class email next Monday, 6th July will explain in more detail about our first theme. We hope that the children will enjoy this slightly different style of learning, and be able to explore some creative ways of sharing their learning experience. There will be 2 competitions days – Friday 10th and Wednesday 15th July, where we are asking the children working at home to send a photograph of their learning from that day to be entered into a competition to win a prize! It’s also a great opportunity to think to think about other themes of interest that you would like to explore over the summer as activities you could complete over the summer holidays.

Will we receive an ‘Annual Reports to Parents’ for my child?

The Government issued guidance for schools to explain what they should include in the end of year reports. We have considered this, and put in all the information required and some extra bits that we feel is important for you as parents!

Reports will be sent via the email address where you have been receiving your child’s learning. These will be sent to parents on Friday 10th July. On the email, there is a survey monkey questionnaire that we are asking parents to complete. Questions 1-4 are about your child and general information. Questions 5-8 are for you to complete with your child and questions 9-12 are about your views as parents of school before the lockdown and questions 13-15 are for parents to reflect on the lockdown and how they have supported their child’s learning using the resources shared by school. Question 16 is for you to write anything else you would like us to know about your child and our school.

To complete the survey, you will simply need to click on the link and it will take you to the survey monkey website on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. We ask that parents complete the survey by Thursday 16thJuly, but we will keep checking over the summer holidays, should you not manage to complete by this date.

I hope that you find the reports useful and informative about your child as they move onto the next stage of their education.

Are there changes to staffing for September 2020?

I am pleased that this term we have welcomed back Miss Meadowcroft from maternity leave and Miss Harvey is due to return before we break up for summer. Mrs. Woolley started her maternity leave at May half term and gave birth to Belle Dora Woolley on 4th June. Miss Stephens finishes for her maternity leave at the end of this term.

Miss Holmes is leaving us at the end of this term to start a new job at a secondary school and I am pleased to announce that Miss Gilmore, who has previously worked at Brentnall, will be returning in September.

In September, we welcome back Mrs. Mendham and Mrs. Bagnall, but only for a short time.

Mrs. Mendham starts her maternity leave on 7th September and Mrs. Bagnall will finish later that month – unless we have some early arrivals!

From September, Miss Harvey has been seconded as our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Wills as our Lower School Phase Leader and Miss Gorton as our Upper School Phase Leader. Mrs. Anderton has also been promoted to become our HLTA, covering release time for teachers and working with specific groups of children.

I would like to wish all of the members of our Brentnall family; whether saying goodbye, saying goodbye-for-now, or returning to our school; the very best in all you do!

What class will my child be in from September 2020 and which teachers will they be working with?

Currently 2019-2020


Sept 2020-2021

Year Group Gemstone Name Teacher Year Group Gemstone Name Teacher

New to Brentnall


Nursery Diamond Miss Wills


Diamond Miss Wills Reception Opal Miss Harrison


Pearl Miss Harrison Year 1 Amber Miss Spriggs
Year 1


Amber Mrs. Knowles Year 2 Sapphire Mrs. Knowles
Year 2 Sapphire Mrs. Woolley &

Mrs. Salim

Year 3 Emerald Miss Gorton
Year 3


Jade Miss Holmes Year 4 Aquamarine Mr. Evans
Year 3/4 Emerald Miss Gorton Year 4/5 Topaz Mrs. Clyne & Mrs. Thompson
Year 4


Peridot Mr. Evans Year 5 Zircon Mrs. Salim
Year 5


Amethyst Miss Smail Year 6 Tanzanite Miss Smail
Year 6 Aquamarine Miss Stephens & Miss Spriggs

Starting high school



Ruby Miss Follows ASC Ruby Miss Follows

What are the plans for September 2020?

Yesterday, the Government announced its plans for September, and their goal to have all children return to school, unless there are significant changes in the number of cases of Coronavirus, in September. There are a number of rules and guidance documents we must follow, to ensure the safety of everyone in our school community.

The main points, that we know so far, are:

  • All children will return to school in September. Our Autumn term will now begin on the later date of Monday 7th September, except for some reception children and nursery children.
  • Nursery children will start at Brentnall from Monday 21st September and parents will receive a letter from school advising them of their individual start dates.
  • Bubbles can increase in size and, although there is some flexibility around this, the majority of bubbles will not exceed the size of a class. (maximum 30)
  • Strict infection control, handwashing and cleaning procedures are key priority for everyone
  • There will be no assemblies or large gatherings
  • Teachers and staff can move across bubbles if needed
  • Services to support learning can come into school – Sports Coaches, Music Teachers, Speech therapists etc.
  • Our school curriculum will be reviewed and a “Recovery Curriculum” be put into place to ensure that we catch-up and are in a secure place to return to our usual curriculum by September 2021
  • External School Assessments – EYFS, Phonics Screening, End of Key stage 1 and End of Key Stage 2 tests will be reinstated for 2021.

There are still lots of things to take into consideration over the coming weeks. Over the next 2 weeks, we shall be making plans for all of the above to be in place for September and considering lots of other aspects of school life. I shall be keeping you up to date and the information will be posted on our school website, under our new “September 2020” section foud under the information tab.

How will school keep in touch with families over the summer holidays?

Over the summer holidays, we will be keeping you up to date via our school website, as to our plans for September opening, curriculum and other aspects of school life which will be constantly reviewed and updated over the summer holidays.

In addition to the letter at the end of the school year on Friday 17th July, we will be sending a further 3 letters to parents over the summer on the school website, explaining where we are currently up to and what our revised plans look like; these will be sent on Friday 31st July, Friday 14th August and Friday 28th August.

Hopefully, all of the information above provides you with the information you will need to take us to the end of the school year and shares some of our thinking of what September might look like. It has certainly been a strange school year, and one which nobody could have predicted. However, myself and all of the staff at Brentnall are looking forward to seeing all of our children and families in September, and look forward to working with you across the next school year.

As always, we are incredibly grateful for your kind words and acknowledgements of the staff’s hard work and thank you for the ways in which you have supported children’s learning over the past months.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Thompson, Headteacher

P.S. I shall be sending a letter on Monday for our year 6 children about some plans for us to celebrate your time at Brentnall – check out your class e