Extreme Weather – 23rd January 2019

Dear Parents,

As the winter months are now upon us, I thought it would be beneficial to update you on the process the school follows in the event of extreme weather.

It is the policy of the school to make an effort to remain open wherever possible. The decision to close either before or during the school day will be made by myself and will only happen if: onsite conditions are dangerous, where conditions are considered to be too hazardous to travel or when there is insufficient staff to keep the school running safely.

In the event of closing the school we will notify you via our school text messaging facility, with this in mind, please ensure that the School Office has your most recent mobile phone number on record.  The school’s website will also be updated and we notify Salford City Council who will update all local radio stations including Hits Radio (previously known as Key 103), Capital Radio and BBC Radio Manchester.

During these winter months we ask you to take care when travelling to school, particularly because the pathways outside of the school grounds are not our responsibility. Mr. Faulkner will clear any snow and grit inside the school grounds however please be cautious as these can still be a hazard.  To prevent children becoming too cold/wet we will, where possible, try to open classroom doors earlier than normal.

Hopefully we won’t have to adopt these procedures but Brentnall is prepared if we need to.

Kind regards,

Mr. M Thompson