We are pleased to share with you the recent feedback from our parental survey linked to remote learning.

‘What the teachers have sent has been perfect. It was just what we wanted. The videos have been great and he has been able to keep going back to the video, as it isn’t a live lesson.’

‘We have managed to squeeze in activities with our child and she has painted her best friend. She said that good friends share things and have kind hands. If you’re happy and you know it is one of her favourite song and there was no encouragement needed to sing that one. Thank you for sending the home school emails, it’s nice to fill the days with activities from the list and do something different.’

‘My child has enjoyed his activities this morning. He was sharing with his sister – something he struggles with so hopefully this will improve now. We are getting ready for a messy afternoon with paint and fireworks. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into the lesson plans, we appreciate it.’

‘It has been difficult to do home schooling while also working from home. However, the quality and quantity of work set it great and we have tried to complete all work.​’


Thank you for your response to the parental survey. We have now contacted all parents who indicated a negative response and asked for ways to improve their experience and remote learning for their child/ren.


You said:

We will:

Too little work sent Additional work and ideas to extend learning will be published on our website.
Power points to be sent with lessons Where power points are used and can be exported as pdf files -these will be sent
Repetition of work Teachers will check with previous teacher what work has been sent
Parental understanding School will provide non-English speaking parents with additional support- examples of completed work or simple guidance
All learning online Where possible, children will be provided with an empty exercise book to complete work in.