Parking & Driving Near School

Recently the school has received a number of complaints from parents and local residents regarding dangerous and inconsiderate driving and parking on local streets.  Hotspots appear to be near the health centre and the area immediatley outside of the school grounds.

It is the school’s duty to bring this behaviour to your attention. ¬†As you drop off and pick up your children from school, please be mindful of residents, other road users and the safety of the children.

Here are a few dos and don’ts

  • Please don’t park on the pavements
  • Please don’t block driveways, even for just a couple of minutes
  • Please don’t double-park
  • Please don’t speed near school crossings
  • Please do allow enough room for emergency vehicles to pass down the road
  • Please do park a little further away from school
  • Please do drive slowly in the streets around school – children can be unpredictable
  • Please abide by the local speed limits

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

Mrs Clyne