“So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea.”  – Matilda by Roald Dahl

At Brentnall we not only teach the fundamental skills of reading but also nurture children’s reading attitudes with the aim that all children develop a love of reading.

The best reading environment is one where there is an expectation of pleasure in reading, where there is an excitement in talking about books and enjoyment in being read to.

Very recently, Brentnall welcomed ‘Bertie’ our double decker reading bus.  Children enjoy spending lunchtimes reading their favourite books onboard and some lessons are timetabled throughout the week.


Reading is a partnership and we value all the parental support children receive: it is very important that children read at home to an adult and that they are sent into school with their reading book and reading journal each day. The reading journals are a great way for parents to communicate with teachers about how each child is reading at home. The reading book that a child is sent home with is one that they can read independently to an adult.

Reading Lessons

As the clock strikes one each day, children (and staff) at Brentnall ‘Drop Everything and Read’ from 1.00 – 1.10pm. This is our time in the day that we can get lost in a book and develop our pleasure in reading. By demonstrating our own love for reading, we are encouraging children to follow.

All classes have a novel that they are currently reading from their year group novel list. The novels are read aloud by teachers to allow children to fully appreciate the text. The novel list has been devised by teachers at Brentnall and include classics such as The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit.

‘When someone reads aloud, they raise you to the level of the book. They give you reading as a gift.’

Daniel Pennac, The Rights of the Reader

In reading lessons, children read more challenging texts with their teacher to support the development of their reading ability. We have recently adapted our long term reading plans so that they reflect the skills required in the Reading Content Domain. Lessons are taught in a Teach, Practise, Apply approach with stand-alone vocabulary sessions timetabled once a week. Vocabulary is also taught throughout each subject by knowledge mats, pre-teaching and mini vocabulary activities.

Please click on the information below for details on the Power of Reading:

Brentnall Power of Reading Whole School Overview

Power of Reading Long Term Plan


Bertie Bus is our fantastic, well-resourced school library which is available to children during lunch times and during some lessons. There is a wide range of books on Bertie upstairs where children can relax and read their favourite book. Downstairs there is a range of games that children can play with their friends. We also hold events after school on Bertie. Our Macmillan coffee morning was a great success!

Every classroom has a dedicated, themed Reading Area where children enjoy reading for pleasure.

We ensure that every child is a member of our local Broughton Library and each class visits regularly to widen their access to books and to promote a shared love of reading with our families.

The Librarians visit our Nursery and Reception children to immerse them in wonderful storytelling sessions.

EYFS Reading Area
EYFS Reading Area
Year 4 Reading Area
Year 4 Reading Area
Year 4 Reading Area
Year 4 Reading Area
Year 4 Reading Area
Year 4 Reading Area

Remote Storytime with Nick

There are 10 ‘Storytime with Nick’ films for children to enjoy on our YouTube Channel via this link:

There are also really useful resources here for home reading