Reception Reading Morning

Reception Reading Morning

A love of Reading!

  • Visit the library
  • Read anywhere, at any time of day
  • Go shopping for books with your child
  • Read books with their favourite characters in
  • Read a wide variety of books, eg information books, stories and poetry
  • Teach your child how to care for books

Talking about stories 

  • Encourage your child to tell you what is happening throughout the book, they can use the pictures as prompts to help them.
  • When your child is reading sentences, can they tell you about what they have just read?
  • Talk about the new words in a book. If your child is struggling to read a word they could use the pictures to help them to have a good guess.
  • Ask them questions about what is happening in the book.

Types of Questions                    



Stages of Reading

  • Lilac books are picture books. You can talk about the pictures, ask leveled questions and your child can tell you the story.
  • Pink books contain simple CVC words. Your child will be beginning to segment and blend with support and will become increasingly independent at doing this.
  • Red words are words the children can’t sound out, g. the, I, of, to.
  • When your child is blending independently don’t forget to still focus on questioning and retelling the story.

Home Reading Books

  • Please spend time with your child sharing their book, every night if possible.
  • We change your child’s book once a week. Please make sure your child’s book is in school on their day.
    Miss Livesey: Tuesdays
    Miss Wills: Thursdays
  • Please make a comment or draw a smiley face in their reading record book every time you read with your child.
  • Don’t forget to practise the high frequency words with your child as often as possible.

Reading Stories

  • It is also important for you to read to your child.
  • They will learn reading skills from listening to you.
  • It’s also important to read stories in your home language to your child.



Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.