Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at Brentnall

Our SENCO is Mrs Emily Mendham. You can contact her via the school office or on

0161 553 0457

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Our school is an inclusive school where every child is encouraged to develop a range of skills, allowing them to become resilient, reflective, respectful and resourceful lifelong learners. We believe that every child is unique and celebrate this through everything that we do. At Brentnall Academy, we cater for all children with special educational needs and disabilities, including children with needs in the following areas:

  • communication and interaction, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • cognitive and learning;
  • social, emotional and mental health; and
  • sensory and/or physical.

Our SENCO oversees the provision for children with special education needs and supports teachers and teaching assistants in ensuring that all children receive high quality teaching and are provided appropriate strategies and learning experiences. Our SENCO, alongside our senior leaders, monitors the progress of children with special educational needs or possible special educational needs.

You will be advised if we think your child has a special educational need. If you are concerned about your child, please make an appointment with Mrs Mendham to discuss this further through the school office.

At Brentnall, we have a specialist enhanced resource that caters for children who have autism spectrum condition (ASC). It is an integral part of Brentnall and the children join mainstream classes as part of their daily routine, this includes lesson time, playtimes, dinnertimes and for assemblies. Our enhanced resource provision is a 12-place, key stage 2 resource for children who have an education, health and care plan (EHCP).

Please see their class page for more information click here.

In addition to reading the information provided on this website, please do make an appointment to come and have a look around. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have. You can find out much more information about our philosophy for teaching children with additional needs in the documents below.

Kind regards,

Mrs. E Mendham