Upper School Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to welcome you to Upper School. Our phase consists of Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and two Year 6 classes. We are sure that these will be very happy and productive school years for your child. We believe that, with your support, your child will make excellent progress over the upcoming years.

Our Vision

At Brentnall Academy we aim to prepare children for their future life. We want our children to develop a range of skills allowing them to become resilient, reflective, respectful and resourceful lifelong learners. We aim for our children to be captivated by a love for learning, working both independently and collaboratively, in order to achieve and succeed to their full potential.

Our Values

In order to help us to achieve our vision, we follow 3 key values:

We learn,

We respect,

We succeed!


To ensure the best possible learning in Upper School, your child needs to arrive on time (8.50am) and attend school every day. Please bear in mind that children learn and incredible amount each day in school so one day off is a whole day of learning lost.
Please inform school immediately of the reason for any pupil absence.


Homework will consist of weekly spellings, times table practise, daily reading and a halt-termly projectthat is linked to their topic work. The project will consist of a range of options for children to pick: chat, play, read, listen, watch, write, make, etc. Please encourage your child to complete their homework as carefully and independently as possible, offering help and support when needed. The project is set a few weeks into the topic and collected in on the last week for a showcase.


We believe that children should be encouraged to develop a love for reading throughout their time at Brentnall. Pupils who read regularly at home, tend to make the most significant progress. Therefore, every child will continue to take home a home reader. Please read with your child every day and record this in their diary with a signature. It is important to also question your child’s understanding of what they have read. Diaries will be checked each morning in class for a signature and initialled by a teacher. Class dojo points will be awarded to children that have a signature.

Uniform and PE Kit

We have high expectations for school uniform to be correct, clean and labelled with your child’s name. Please ensure that your child is in full uniform at all times. The correct uniform is: burgundy jumper, white shirt, grey skirt/trousers, grey dress, yellow summer dress, school tie and black shoes. Uniform checks take place each week to ensure the correct uniform is being worn across school.

Your child will also need a P.E kit in school: black shorts, white t-shirt and trainers/pumps. All children must participate in PE unless there a medical reason backed up with a doctor’s note.

Please note:

  • No jewellery, nail varnish, make up or bows
  • Hair must be tied up with a dark bobble and no patterns shaved into heads
  • No shaved patterns in hair
  • Footwear must be black


We use a positive and interactive behaviour system called Class Dojo. Good behaviour is rewarded with Dojo points that are collected over the week for learn, respect and succeed actions. Children will aim to get 5 per day and if they collect 25 over the week, there is reward session each Friday afternoon.  Children have developed a list of expected behaviours across school and these are displayed in classrooms. If a child is making a wrong choice, they will receive a reminder. If the same behaviour continues, minutes will be taken from break. If this persists, the whole of break will be missed. Parents will be contacted over any behavioural concerns.

Friday Challenge

  • Spelling test: This is a test on the 10 spellings that children been given for homework and 5 morning spellings in class
  • Arithmetic test: Year 2/3/4 are working towards answering 25 questions in 30 minutes. Year 5/6 are working towards 36 questions in 30 minutes.
  • Times Table Challenge: This is a timed test where children answer as many calculations as possible in 3 minutes. Children receive a certificate and move up to the next level if they answer all the questions correctly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Mrs. Taylor  (Year 2 teacher)

Miss Gorton (Year 3 teacher)

Miss Anderton (Year 4 teacher)

Mrs. Thompson (Year 5 teacher)

Mr. Evans (Year 6 teacher)

Miss Stephens (Year 6 teacher)

Mrs. Knowles (Key Stage 2 Reading Teacher)