Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision

At Brentnall Academy we aim to prepare children for their future life. We want our children to develop a range of skills allowing them to become resilient, reflective, respectful and resourceful lifelong learners. We aim for our children to be captivated by a love for learning, working both independently and collaboratively, in order to achieve and succeed to their full potential.


Our Values

In order to help us to achieve our vision, we follow 3 key values:   

We learn,

We respect,

We succeed!


Our Ethos

Our community is worldwide; we celebrate diversity through the wide range of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds of our families.

We believe that our school is a unique environment where every child enjoys learning and reaches their full potential.

We aim to be a vibrant, happy community that enables children to grow: in confidence, in knowledge and in experiences that empower them to become successful citizens of the future.

We continuously encourage children to take risks, be resilient and to achieve.