A Welcome Note From Mrs Horton-Hale & Mrs Clyne

I am delighted to welcome you to Brentnall; a fantastic primary school for children aged from three to eleven with a long history of proudly serving the families of Salford, Manchester and Bury.

Brentnall is above all, a school family where everyone is welcome. We are uncompromising in our commitment to inclusive education and ensuring the needs of all our children are met.

Our expectations are sky high; we aim to bring out the best in everyone, children and staff alike so that all are able to achieve, become the best versions of themselves and leave our school ready and excited to begin the next steps in their learning journeys.

Children at Brentnall will experience a knowledge rich, high quality curriculum. They will be given opportunities to learn about their locality and the wider world and take part in educational visits both locally and wider afield. They will participate in sporting, musical and creative experiences and hear from inspirational speakers to build their cultural capital and really bring their learning to life. There is no ceiling on what children can do and achieve at Brentnall.

Our staff are committed to ensuring that every day is better than the one before and will ensure that children leave at the end of each day with a beaming smile and lots to share with their families at home.

I am committed to ensuring that Brentnall is a great place to learn and a great place to work for all and I look forward to getting to know you and your families as we begin this new and exciting chapter at Brentnall together.

With my very best wishes,

Mrs Catherine Horton-Hale

Executive Principal

Welcome to Brentnall Academy.

Many of you will already know me as I have taught at Brentnall for the past 10 years. Brentnall Academy is a one form primary school sitting at the heart of a community of children, parents and staff who believe that everyone has the potential to succeed, that everyone deserves the best and that each child is important.

In addition, to our main stream classes we have a resource provision for 12 key stage 2 children. Our school is fully inclusive and we aim for children who attend ‘The Ark’ will spend a large proportion of their time in main stream classes.

We have recently joined the United Learning family of schools and fully support their belief in ‘The best in everyone’.

I have taught children all over Greater Manchester, and believe Brentnall Academy can offer your child a wonderful start to their education journey. We offer the United Curriculum which carefully sequences substantive concepts, disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary from Nursery, and makes meaningful links between subjects.

Our approach is underpinned by a sense of moral purpose and commitment to doing what is right for your child, supporting colleagues to achieve excellence and acting with integrity in all our dealings within and beyond the organisation, in the interests of young people everywhere. We summaries this ethos as ‘the best in everyone’.

This ethos underpins our core values:

· Ambition – to achieve the best for ourselves and others;

· Confidence – to have the courage of our convictions and to take risks in the right cause;

· Creativity – to imagine possibilities and make them real;

· Respect – for ourselves and others in all that we do;

· Enthusiasm – to seek opportunity, find what is good and pursue talents and interests;

· Determination – to overcome obstacles and reach success.

We believe academic success is very important. Exam passes are an important aspect of that. But there is more to a good education. Our school also aim to develop character, compassion and service. Children are expected to contribute to our school and to society; to try things which they think they cannot do; to persist in the face of difficulty; to become resilient in overcoming obstacles; to manage themselves; to work independently on things which challenge them; to work with others and in teams; to be courageous and caring; to lead.

We want your child/children to look back on a joyful schooling which has inspired and challenged them, given them wide opportunity and prepared them for the ups and downs of life.

If you are new to Brentnall Academy and would like to look around the school or find out more than please contact our school office on 0161 291 2260 and our office staff will be happy to help you.

If your child already attends our school, please continue to visit our website for additional information or sign up to Class-dojo so you can receive information directly related to your child or children.

Thank you. Mrs Clyne. Head of School