Welcome to Year 5

Welcome back to Brentnall for a new school year. I am very excited to be welcoming your child into Year 5 – Amethyst class.

Your Year 5 teacher this year is Miss Smail.


We have a lovely uniform at Brentnall and I would just like to remind you to put your child’s name in their uniform. In Year 5, this now consists of a blazer, jumper, white shirt, tie, black trousers or skirt and black school shoes. Please ensure your child has the correct uniform.


Homework is given out weekly on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. This will include a piece of Maths homework and spellings to learn weekly. In addition, each term there will be a topic based homework project for the children to enjoy creating with you at home.


The children have all got reading books now and will be bringing them home each night to read with you. Their diary is for you to sign to show your child has read at home for 15-20 minutes per night. There will be a dojo point given for each child who has read that night.


Throughout the school there is a dojo point system. Children really enjoy earning dojo points related to any behaviour related to our school values: Learn, Respect and Succeed. When children earn 28 dojos for the week they will go to the dojo treat on Friday afternoon.


This year we are lucky enough to have sports coaches teach the children different skills in P.E.! Children will be doing P.E. on Wednesdays and Fridays so will require their full P.E. kit for these days which consists of a whitet-shirt, blackshorts and blackpumps.  If your child has taken their P.E. kit home to be washed, we ask that it is returned on Monday and stays in school until Friday. This is in case the sports coach is able to offer an extra session within the week.

An Overview of Cycle 1

  • English– We are covering different writing features from our writing checklist to start with in Year 5. These are:
  • Use subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions to join phrases and clauses
  • Punctuates sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark
  • Uses a capital letter for names of people, places, the days of the week and the personal pronoun I
  • Uses expanded noun phrases
  • Demonstrates accuracy with tenses
  • Uses different sentence forms
  • Uses direct speech
  • Uses subordinate clauses
  • Uses adjectives, adverbs, prepositions (including phrases) and conjunctions
  • Uses a range of determiners
  • Uses fronted adverbials with commas


Place value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division


Properties / changes of material




Sports Coach


French- En ville

Religious Education-

Why do some people think God exists?

Art- River Art

Computing- We are game developers

I am looking forward to a very exciting year in Year 5. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thankyou. Miss Smail, Mrs Weston and Mrs Richardson